Why Beta?

Why Use Beta Readers?

One of the main reasons why authors need beta readers is because they can get too close to their own work. When this happens, you no longer see the flaws, only what you expect to see. Authors need these types of readers to understand how readers will interpret their books. Every author has weaknesses that they are blind to. Beta readers can help you see new angles to your manuscript. 

Beta readers can help you identify what’s working and what needs improvement in your work. In addition, we are objective. Whereas family members or close friends might struggle with being honest or unable to identify the fixes needed to make your novel more readable and marketable. We promise to be kind in our feedback, but always honest.

What to expect from us

Beta Reading of your manuscript will include a complete read-through of your pages with a critical eye. We approach your story from a reader’s point of view and will not hyper-focus on grammatical or editorial issues. However, if they are substantial, we will notate recommendations. Our goal is to help other readers (and agents) fall in love with your story and continue reading until the final page. 

Because we are reader-focused, we accept first drafts and do not require a polished manuscript for our services. Many of our clients express the struggle with imposter syndrome. Don’t let that hold you back, we are here to help get you to whatever the next step is in your personal writing journey.

We will make note of any places where world-building, characterization, dialogue, and plot development are. Whether they be conflicting, confusing, incomplete, or offensive. We look and see what is or isn’t working chapter by chapter, whether or not your characters remain consistent, relatable, or believable, and pay close attention to any craft issues. All our feedback will be completely honest whether positive or not – don’t worry though, we are here to build dreams not crush them.

Our feedback is detailed. We will make comments on specific lines, throughout each chapter, and a summary of our final thoughts after completing the entire manuscript or pages submitted. We will make suggestions for improvement, but of course, you are not obligated to implement any of them. Our lines of communication are always open if you ever need clarification on any of our feedback. In our 2021 & 2022 annual surveys, 100% of our clients reported the level of detail in our feedback exceeded their expectations.

You can also expect privacy from us. We keep your work on file for 14 days after sending our final reports. At the end of this time frame, everything is wiped from our systems to ensure your privacy. Please visit our FAQ & Services pages for more info or visit us on Instagram.