FAQ – Beta Reading

How much do you charge for beta reading?

Our Beta Reading Services range from $65-$450 depending on what you need. Please visit our Services page for full pricing details. If your project is unique and doesn’t fit within the parameters of our services, please send us an email and we can get you a custom quote.

How many Beta Readers will I get?

One or Two depending on what you purchase. We have two pricing options for each of our services.

A single reader, which will be either Coco, Katie, or Kelly depending on the genre, current calendar bookings, and client request.

Or you can choose to upgrade to the double reader and two of us will provide Beta reports for your manuscript.

What if my word count is over the limit?

Email us at info@betareadingservices.com describing what you need and we can create a custom quote for your project.

How many times will you read my book?

Each service we offer provides for a singular and complete read-through of your novel. If you would like us to read and provide notes a second time, you would need to purchase another order.

Can I trust you with my work?

Absolutely! We understand that it can be scary to share your hard and intimate work of storytelling. Which is why we sign a non-disclosure agreement with all our clients. We will not share or discuss your work with anyone. You as the author maintain all creative ownership of the manuscript.

Will you provide edits to my manuscript?

No, we do not specifically edit for spelling, grammar, or punctuation. However, when something does pop out at us during reading, we will make note of it, particularly if it is repeated.

What if my book is already published or self-published?

Congratulations! Publishing traditionally or independently is a huge success worth celebrating!

However, our services are designed for unpublished manuscripts at this time to help authors complete their work in projects.

Do you offer refunds?

We’re sorry but, no, we do not offer refunds due to the nature of our services.

Are you on social media?

Yes! You can find us on Instagram and Twitter.

How do I keep up with news and sales?

You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here

How do I contact you?

You can reach us by email at info@betareadingservices.com

Or visit our Instagram or Twitter pages!

Will you read my book if it is a sequel or part of a series?

Yes! We would require a complete synopsis of previous books leading up to where your current manuscript starts so that we have the needed background information prior to starting your current book. Reading a book mid-series does pose some limitations, but with proper communication, this is something we can work with.

Will you post a review of my book on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, etc..

No, our services are to provide objective feedback on your story to help make improvements. Reviews are personal reflections and experiences of novels and are distinctly different from Beta Reading services. Therefore, all our feedback will be directly to you in a private manner and will not be posted anywhere else. Our goal is story improvement, not promotion.

That being said, please keep us up to date on your publishing journey. We love staying connected with our clients and highlighting success stories in our newsletter.

What is the turnaround time on your Beta Reading Services?

All scheduling is done on a first-come basis. We recommend placing an order 1-2 months ahead of time to reserve a spot in our reading queue. If your project is time-sensitive please let us know and we will try to expedite our feedback.

First Chapters are returned within 1 week of an order.

Light Manuscripts are returned within 4-6 weeks from the starting reading date.

Full Manuscripts are returned within 6-8 weeks from the starting reading date.

Do I need to complete revisions or polishing before hiring a Beta Reader?

Nope! We will read whatever you currently have! First drafts, final drafts, it doesn’t matter. We read with a focus on the heart of the story, plot, and characters and not on grammar or edits.

Do you keep copies of my files?

For your privacy, we do not keep any copies of your work once our contract is complete. We hold our final notes for 14 days in case there are any issues with receipt, but after that, our systems are wiped clean of all your documents. We recommend saving a backup file for any of our final notes because anything past the 14 days will no longer be available on our end.

Do you offer custom services?

Yes! We’ve had clients email us for quotes on reading their children’s books, prologues, and more. If you have a work of fiction that you’d like feedback on and our list of services doesn’t quite fit your needs, please reach out for a quote.