Meet the Beta Readers

Our Story

We are three readers, enamored with fictional worlds, and would love to be Beta Readers for you!

Our love for storytelling and consuming them has only grown over the years. After having several discussions with people within our personal writing and reading communities, we discovered a need for Beta Reading Services. Not everyone is blessed with instant access to a writing community or a place that feels safe to share your most intimate of creative projects. We wanted to promote the art of storytelling by offering our services as Beta Readers. Our hopes are to help aid in the stress and loneliness that often comes with writing a manuscript.

Keep reading below for more specific genres we each love.

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Coco’s Genres

Young adult fantasy is my absolute favorite, and my most read genre. I also frequently read adult fantasy, contemporary, graphic novels, middle grade, poetry, sci-fi, and thrillers. I’m open to reading just about anything, well except horror. I’m a bit of a scaredy cat there, haha! I’m a sucker for a series and love seeing in depth worlds. Some of my favorite tropes are enemies to lovers, fake dating, shared bed, forced proximity, and training for battle.

Katie’s Genres

I’lll take all the horror that Coco doesn’t like reading! I have yet to meet a genre that I don’t enjoy. I’d say that young adult fantasy is my most read, but I truly enjoy a wide spectrum of stories. I live for a book that can take me to another world and allow me escape for the day. Contemporary, Rom-Coms, Romance, & Sci-fi/Fantasy are my genres of focus. For my tropes I enjoy love triangles, star crossed lovers, enemies to lovers (okay all the lovers!), hidden powers, and unexpected royalty. I also love retellings of classics with a twist.

Kelly’s Genres

My main bread and butter is YA and Adult fantasy. Other favorite genres include contemporary fiction, romantic comedies, historical fiction, thrillers and horror. My favorite tropes include enemies to lovers, forced proximity, and competition elements. I love books with secrets to keep and morally gray characters in any genre!


We provide detailed reports for our Beta Reading services and maintain client discretion in all that we do. We always meet our deadlines and treat your work with respect. You can rely on us to provide quality feedback on all your work.


We provide honest feedback on all our services. Friends and family will always provide glowing reviews and fluff; instead we promise to give a critical eye to your work to help improve your story.

Reader’s Perspective

We pride ourselves on being well-read devourers of books. By using our services you are getting a reader’s perspective instead of editor focused. We look at the story as a whole and don’t hyper focus on grammar or edit issues.

We are Beta Readers driven by passion

Our goal is to help stories grow and earn a place on the shelf. We have an immense passion for the art of story telling and desire for everyone’s book to be read.


Founder & Beta reader


Beta reader, Writer, & Co-Founder


Beta reader & book blogger