Beta Reading Services

Designed for authors needing fresh eyes on their current work in progress. After spending countless hours working on a manuscript, having memorized back and forth every single sentence, there might be something amiss that an author may no longer notice. That’s what a Beta-Reader is for. If you are looking for unbiased feedback and help find plot holes and character pitfalls, we encourage you to view our beta reading services.

Fixed Price Projects

We offer several different services to fit your needs with easy to understand rates, which include single or double readers for your project. Custom quotes are available via email.

Quick Turnaround

Time is of the essence. We follow clear time tables for each of our services, so that you receive prompt feedback and aren’t left worrying when you will get notes back.


We sign a non-disclosure agreement with each of our clients. You can take comfort in knowing that your work and ownership of manuscripts are protected and handled with the utmost discretion.

Beta Reading

We offer Beta Reading on your first chapters, partial manuscripts, or full manuscripts. First drafts welcome!

About Us

We are not dream crushers, but also won’t blow smoke for the sake of flattery. We believe that any concept can be developed. Whether someone is at the starting block or closer to the finish line, their idea can be shaped and we are here to help provide objective, helpful, and kind feedback.

Protection of your work

We understand the vulnerability of sharing unpublished manuscripts. Therefore, we offer non-disclosure agreements to all of our clients. You can rest assured that your work is protected and ownership of creative rights remain with you.

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