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Manuscript feedback on your first chapters, up to 3k words.

  • You will receive comments on specific lines, within each chapter, and a summary of our final thoughts after completing the pages submitted.
  • Expected turnaround time for this beta reading service is within 1 week of us receiving your pages & the signed NDA. After your purchase you will be able to download our NDA. Sign that and send it along with your manuscript pages in either a Word or Google doc to us at
  • Please keep a close eye on your inbox/junk folder for all our correspondence
  • A single beta read includes one reader. However, if you’d like 2 readers and 2 separate reports please purchase the Double option.



Please visit our FAQ page for more information.

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11 reviews for First Chapters

  1. Angela R.

    Coco beta read my first chapter and gave suggestions to make my characters leap from the page! She did so with enthusiasm and professionalism and left me with a clear idea of what to improve. I will be using their services on another project in the future. Thanks Coco!!!

  2. Ginny L

    Having Coco & Katie beta read my first chapter was definitely a worthwhile investment! They caught several things my alpha-reader friends missed. Their input was invaluable and had some great insight into my chapter. The notes were also very thorough, even with the short turnaround! I would definitely recommend their services for any serious writer!

  3. Shelby L.

    Never did I ever think that getting feedback on such a small portion of my manuscript could be so helpful! The comments I received were the perfect mix of positive feedback and constructive criticism. There were also comments ranging from the flow and continuity of the story, to comments on characterization, to simple editing and grammar suggestions. The feedback I received has inspired me to work even harder on my story with renewed excitement. I will definitely be using the full manuscript service in the future!

  4. K. Dosal

    Working with Beta Reading Services was such great experience. From detailed notes to feeling their care for my work was something I’ve been searching for, and now have found. Coco’s feedback surpassed my expectations, I can’t wait to continue working with her.

  5. Kylan M.

    Coco is brilliant! She takes each chapter and dives right in to the story! She makes every writer shine their craft brighter than before with her comments and encouragement! This is truly the BEST beta-reading company every writer needs to work with!

  6. Kaylee C.

    CoCo did it again. I’ve had several Beta Readers at this point and I thoroughly enjoy CoCo’s services. How she interacts with the story is very realistic to how a first time reader would interact. She leaves comments showing what she’s thinking at the moment and revealing genuine reactions/emotions towards the characters and major scenes. As a writer, this is exciting to see. At the end of each chapter she gives helpful feedback, both positive and constructive, which allows areas of growth.

  7. Taylor S.

    The best part of this beta read was the enthusiasm Coco brought! Having someone unfamiliar with me or my work reading these pages and seeing this story exactly as I intended it meant EVERYTHING! The in document comments were excellent to see in real time, and the overall notes and summary were invaluable. Everything is presented as purely subjective, is incredibly kind, and is thoughtful. I’m excited to implement the feedback received as I move forward with this project!

  8. Carmen D.

    What a great service! Coco gave me detailed and encouraging feedback that pointed out both weaknesses and strengths in my first chapter. I received an overall review and also feedback within my document that was thoughtful and insightful. I look forward to sending more chapters.

  9. Marielle B.

    Pursuing traditional publication has meant long wait times and uncertainty. The feedback I received from Beta Reading Services gave me renewed confidence in the aspects of my opening pages that work well while still giving me concrete ways to improve the reader experience. Thank you!!

  10. Jennie M.

    The feedback was both validating and extremely helpful. I appreciated the recognition of what I did right, as well as some improvements that would make it even better. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with you all and hope to do so again with future projects!

  11. Tiffany H.

    I was so happy to hear back from Coco on my first chapter. The information was insightful, detailed, and they were so kind!
    I can not wait to dive back into my revisions!
    Thank you, Coco!

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