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Full manuscript feedback on your current work in project from one of our beta readers, up to 100k words.

  • You will receive comments on specific lines, within each chapter, and a summary of our final thoughts after completing the pages submitted.
  • Expected turnaround time for this beta reading service is within 6-8 weeks from the day we are scheduled to start reading. After your purchase you will be able to download our NDA. Sign that and send it along with your manuscript pages in either a Word or Google doc to us at info@betareadingservices.com
  • Please keep a close eye on your inbox/junk folder for all our correspondence
  • A single beta read includes one reader. However, if you’d like 2 readers and 2 separate reports please purchase the Double option.



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18 reviews for Full Manuscript: up to 100k

  1. Emma D

    Katie is the best beta reader I could ever ask for with my manuscript. She gives encouraging and objective critiques that take a wide view lens but also the small yet important points a writer looks over. Without her support, I would not have finished my manuscript! And without her critiques, my manuscript would have been left in the back of a drawer, never to see the light of day.

  2. K. Dosal

    I have an insightful experience every time that Coco beta reads a manuscript for me. She gives directions that I couldn’t see on my own due to my close proximity to the manuscript. Her details notes and feedback always leave me feeling clear and focused. I recommend her as a beta reader to any writer wanted to make their manuscript the best it can possibly be.

  3. Anna T

    The feedback I received is wonderfully constructive: it highlights strengths and identifies opportunities for improvement in a positive and encouraging way. Your remarks about pacing and character development are especially helpful! Also, I love the emotional reactions you added to the events happening in the story: it provides a clear sense of what works for a reader and what still needs tinkering. In all, I’m really happy with the feedback and excited to start incorporating your comments into the manuscript! Thank you again for reading!

  4. M. Evans

    Coco was fantastic to work with! Her evaluation and her suggestions for my thriller were so helpful and spot-on. I loved the chapter by chapter breakdown of her comments, as well as the thoroughness of the overall impressions. All in all, it was a wonderful experience!

  5. Madison G.

    This was a second read through and I was just as pleased as the first with Coco’s feedback! Honest, to the point and very helpful.

  6. Shawna H.

    What can I say about CoCo, besides, WOW! Blown away by her insight, spot-on feedback, and professionalism. I have loved working with her on my manuscript to make it shine and look forward to continuing to work with her throughout this process and many others. I feel like I’ve made a valuable contact…and friend!

  7. S. Rice

    I highly recommend Katie and Coco’s beta reading services. I was especially nervous since I could see the draft was flawed and the story deals with some tricky themes. Their comments were thorough and insightful. The notes gave me a ton to consider, but the feedback was not overwhelming. Their observations were respectful and it was clear they had given the manuscript a close read. They gave some great specific suggestions, but more importantly they posed pithy questions. They have a solid understanding of craft and a knack for highlighting opportunities to further bring the characters to life. In the past after feedback, I have been hit with a tsunami of self-doubt, but Katie and Coco’s notes made me excited to dive into a rewrite. I don’t know how I will resolve every issue, but their critique left me with the sense that I have what it takes to pull the story together and that it’s a worthwhile story to tell. They have a unique talent for responding with heart and intelligence. Five out of Five stars!

  8. Madison G.

    Both Kelly and Coco reviewed my manuscript—I can’t wait to dive into revisions and apply their suggestions! Their congruency with feedback helped me narrow in on areas that need the most focus; while their different voices gave me ideas to ponder that could provide interesting twists to my novel. Kelly is a fantastic add to the team, you won’t be disappointed with her attention to detail and honest insight.

  9. Shelby L.

    I don’t think I can say enough good things in one review! Katie did such an amazing job going over my story. She went above and beyond my expectations. Her comments were a perfect blend between praise/ compliments and criticism/ things to improve. I loved seeing her line by line reactions and thoughts as she read through the manuscript and the separate summary of notes that added more broad things to work on. She addressed all my initial questions and helped me see where the story could be improved the most and what was missing to make it stronger as a whole. I know some writers are afraid of feedback, especially any kind of negative feedback, but nothing felt negative at all. Don’t be afraid to get criticism! It was always clear what Katie thought was or wasn’t working for the story, and that she cared about making the story the best it can be! I know I paid for this service, but in a weird way it doesn’t feel like I did. It’s SO worth it and means so much to me. Getting this feedback made me excited all over again to work more on the story and made me fall in love with it even more. Thank you Katie and thank your Beta Reading Services! I highly, highly recommend them!

  10. Madison G.

    I received F/M reports from both Coco and Kelly on a second read through. I appreciated their acknowledgment of how far the manuscript had come while providing truthful assessments of what could still be tweaked. I value their services so much!

  11. Madison G.

    Coco is so involved in the process! She calls me out on my plot holes, straying from characters’ voices, to sporadic moon phases!

  12. Stephanie V.

    I was incredibly lucky to win a complimentary beta read for my manuscript and seeing as this was also the first time that someone read a complete draft I wrote, I was very nervous about it. Thankfully, Coco’s feedback was not only very insightful – I now feel like I have a solid basis to revise my manuscript and make it the best that it can be – it was also very nice and encouraging, ensuring I’m very much motivated to implement all the feedback in the next draft. This has been an incredible experience and I already know that I’d definitely like to work with them again in the future!

  13. Sarah B.

    It’s a wonderful thing to have an intelligent pair of eyes (or several pair) carefully looking at something that has been so private for so long. Every writer needs Beta Readers, but trusting people with your unfinished, unvarnished work can be nerve wracking. It’s easy to lose track of the unfolding feel of your manuscript when you’ve been working on it for so long. I appreciated the way the readers wrote their reactions as they went along. It helped give a feel in real time how the reader would experience the story. I appreciated the positive comments s well as the questions asked. The notes were not directive so much as helping me understand where details that are obvious to me, are not yet coming across to the reader. The purpose of writing is to communicate, and sometimes when we are solo at our desk we are not certain if what we’re thinking and imagining is what is actually being transmitted. I think, for this reason, a service like this is lovely. It’s affordable as far as writing services go, and is an enormously helpful step on a new manuscript’s journey to a public launch. Thank you both! You did a great job!

  14. Sal C.

    During my recent full manuscript review by Coco from Beta Reading Services, I’m happy to report that feedback was very thorough, personalized, and apropos to my genre and themes! I’m immensely satisfied with the care Coco gave to each page of my working novel, and feel that it’s now on the right track because of it. I look forward to working with Beta Reading Services again down the road and highly recommend their services to any author!

  15. Liz V.

    I’m SO glad I chose to work with Beta Reading Services. The feedback from Kelly and Coco was both supportive and so very helpful as I go into my next round of revisions and prepare to query. Their full manuscript service really covered so many bases: the comments in my manuscript were great for seeing which lines and scenes were landing and which aren’t there yet, the chapter reactions helped me see how the story moves for the reader, and the final report gave macro impressions on the reading experience as a whole. Candid opinions from a neutral third party are absolutely invaluable. I also have to note that the regular updates on progress and estimated completion date are such a professional and kind touch. It’s vulnerable to send your work into the ether, but the weekly check-in emails kept me from worrying. Hugh, huge thank you to you ladies, and huge, huge, recommendation to my fellow writers to come to BRS when you finish your next draft.

  16. Rachel J.

    Coco was so incredibly thorough; honestly, I was blown away by how detailed her feedback was, both in my pages and in her Summary of Notes report. I’ve paid for critique services before and have never received feedback in this quantity or of this quality. As a writer, it’s vital for me to know what a reader is thinking as they work their way through my story, and after reviewing Coco’s feedback, I had no doubts about where the story dragged, points of confusion, what elements were working, etc. While I provided specific questions prior to her reading my book, I didn’t expect the lengths Coco went to address my concerns with specific examples from the text. Aside from her fastidiousness, what makes Coco exceptional at what she does is her passion for story. It’s clear that she reads a lot and reads widely, that she knows the elements of good storytelling, and that she can pinpoint when a story has lost its way. Furthermore, Coco’s approach to critique is generous and supportive. I walked away feeling inspired to get to work, and that in itself is priceless.

  17. Kaylee C.

    Coco read my first ever manuscript (so scary!). Her comments while she read were so encouraging and helpful. I love how she comments as a reader, showing her reactions to different scenarios and scenes. It helped me, as the writer, to see whether my writing was connecting for her and what thoughts she had on her reading journey. At the end of each chapter, she always provided constructive feedback mainly focusing on the characters and plot. Through her services, I realized that one of my characters needed to be developed more which then gave me direction towards the editing process in filing in a few plot holes and strengthen the story overall.

  18. Madison G.

    Even after signing with my agent, Coco is still the first person to read my manuscripts! I don’t see that changing any time soon because her feedback is invaluable to helping shape my stories.

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